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The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc.  , not-for-profit organization  brings together the business, civic, and other professional communities to promote public safety by providing financial and in-kind resources to the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office, by expanding public safety awareness, and by advancing public safety policy and initiatives. Our mission is simple, focuses on Community Outreach, Wellness, Mental Health, Addiction , Recovery Maintenance, Resilience. The programs we fund are ultimately intended to enhance overall public safety and help build stronger relationships between the community and the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office.​


The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc believes that the safety of all of our neighborhoods in Atlantic County is a civic responsibility that each and every one of us shares. In addition, we believe the Foundation’s objectives and efforts will translate into clear, tangible benefits for both the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office and for all stakeholders within our county. 


“Working in cooperation with the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc, the Foundation’s Board of Directors will lead efforts to raise additional funds to help the Sheriff’s Office secure the best resources needed to serve and protect the citizens of our Atlantic County, and also to foster stronger relationships with the communities they serve. The business and philanthropic leaders serving on the Board of Directors will be committed to advancing the foundation to achieve these goals.

Our goal is to make Atlantic County NJ a safer place to live, work and visit through the fulfillment of unmet public safety needs.

The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation, a 501(c)(3)  , non-profit and is funded by friends and supporters through general donations, in-kind donations, event fundraising, and grants.


William Mazur -  Executive Director     

Providing life saving and invaluable resources for our first responders, so they have a healthy and happy career

Why Support Responder Wellness?

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