Mental Health: Officer Wellness

Mental Wellness of Police Officers

The warrior retreat project is a four day program that starts off with a heart health examination for all public safety officers who participate. Those in public safety suffer heart attacks and or heart disease three times the national average. The program will assist police, fire, and EMS personnel and will work with them over this four day program in order to create a foundational beginning in resiliency. Each day participants work on the foundation of resiliency and practical application. The four tenants of resiliency are mental, physical, spiritual, and social. During the retreat participants will work on each area every day in order to understand how to incorporate real life actionable steps to build resiliency. After the four day program  participants will learn to reset their stress levels and leave with a 30 day resiliency plan. This plan will give daily direction and support to build resiliency in their lives.

The Warrior Retreat Project was created to teach first responders techniques to reduce everyday stress. These skills are called resiliency. This results in offering a preventative program that can reduce episodes that could otherwise manifest as mental health issues. See the Hope One Mobile Outreach   for an example of one of our programs.

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As a Consultant in the Healthcare industry, Robert is leading treatment centers and transitional sober living facilities through digital transformation along with producing original content and presenting innovative technology with an emphasis on solution within their branded workplace culture , expertise and operational needs. Resulting in aligning entertainment and other corporate leadership with ethical treatment center strategic alliances for the purpose of healing and saving lives.


Robert is a seasoned entrepreneurial entertainment executive and the Founder & CEO of Managing Artistic Concepts www.managingartisticconcepts.com, a talent and literary management / production & marketing company based in Los Angeles, Ca. The branded core values of Managing Artistic Concepts are “Positivity is our Birthright” and “Solution Entertainment Leadership”. Robert earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers University and MBA from Loyola Marymount University.



Eric Scheffler was elected Sheriff of Atlantic County November of 2017.  Eric took office in January, 2018. Upon taking office, he has begun redirecting the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office's mission to focus on professional development programs that empower staff to create leaders and will result in a higher level of both efficiency and professionalism within the department. 

 Eric has also begun forming partnerships with leadership groups to address our most pressing issues such as the heroin epidemic, homelessness, the mentally ill, and violence plaguing our country. Eric believes that people are more similar than they are different, and that by sharing our strengths and passions we can become unstoppable.

One of the issues that Eric is compassionate about is post-traumatic stress disorder “PTSD”. Our first responders go home every day with the sights, the sounds, the cries, the smell, the photographs embedded in their mind. It never goes away, it will remain there forever. We will develop a support system program for the Sheriff's Department which will be shared among the first responder community here in Atlantic County.


Eric retired as a Lieutenant with the Atlantic City Police Department with 23 years of service. During his tenure there, he served in both the Patrol and Training Divisions. His hard work and dedication led to his promotion to Shift Commander in the Patrol Division and to Commander of the Training Unit. Eric is an instructor in twenty-two different law enforcement top areas, and has personally created eleven different law enforcement instructor courses. Nineteen police departments in New Jersey are currently using Eric’s programs, including the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. Eric also worked as a paraprofessional at Mainland Regional High School where he worked with at-risk youth as well as intellectually and developmentally disabled students. He has also volunteered his time as a founding member of Mainland’s “One Life Committee”, tackling heroin and opioid addiction issues in our schools. In addition to his tireless commitment to this diverse population, Eric created an option-based protocol empowering teachers and students to make decisions in the event of an active shooter/violent intruder event.

 Eric is an Atlantic County native. He was raised in Margate, NJ.  Eric and his wife Maria currently reside in Northfield NJ with their family.

 Eric Scheffler has dedicated his life to protecting our families and our community.

Building Resiliency and

Wellness for Law Enforcement Officers




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